Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendon rupture are distinct yet interconnected conditions that affect the back of the lower leg, often impacting individuals engaged in recreational sports, although they can occur in anyone.

The Achilles tendon, a robust fibrous cord, connects the muscles in the back of the calf to the heel bone. It plays a crucial role in various movements, including pointing the foot downward, rising on the toes, and pushing off the foot while walking. Given its integral role in daily activities, an overstretch of the Achilles tendon can lead to either partial or complete tearing, known as a rupture. When a rupture occurs, individuals may experience a distinctive pop sound, followed by sharp pain in the back of the ankle and lower leg, significantly affecting their ability to walk properly.

Surgical intervention is often considered for repairing the rupture, but nonsurgical treatments prove effective for many. Achilles tendonitis, often a precursor to a rupture, commonly results from excessive exercise, inadequate warm-up, or straining the calf muscles during repeated physical activities. Playing sports like tennis, sudden increases in physical activity, wearing old or ill-fitting shoes, sporting high heels regularly, having bone spurs in the heels, and age-related weakening of the Achilles tendon are all potential contributing factors.

The primary symptom of Achilles tendonitis is pain and swelling in the backside of the heel during walking or running. Additional symptoms may include tight calf muscles and restricted range of motion when flexing the foot. This condition can also manifest as warmth in the skin on the heel.

Achilles Tendon Treatment

Achilles Tendon Treatment

At The Regenerative Therapy Centre, we offer a diverse array of treatment options to address Achilles tendonitis and rupture. Whether considering nonsurgical approaches or exploring surgical interventions, our team is equipped to tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs. By clicking on the “Get in Touch” button, you can connect with our responsive team, initiating a conversation about the most appropriate and effective interventions for your Achilles tendon concerns.

The key to successful management lies in early detection and personalized care. If you suspect Achilles tendon issues or are experiencing symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the range of treatment options available, ensuring optimal recovery and restoration of your Achilles tendon health.

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