Goldic Therapy

Goldic Treatment

Goldic injection therapy, a pioneering treatment in the realm of regenerative medicine, has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in managing end-stage osteoarthritis and severe resistant tendinitis. The therapeutic properties of gold, long acknowledged in rheumatology, have been harnessed to create a revolutionary treatment known as GOLDIC®.

The term GOLDIC® itself encapsulates its essence—Gold Induced Cytokines. As a form of stem cell therapy, GOLDIC® operates by activating local stem cells and supporting their differentiation.

Developed by Professor Dr. Ulrich Schneider in Germany, this technology utilizes specially designed gold particles to generate an autologous conditioned serum. This serum, enriched with the benefits of gold, is then strategically injected into the treatment area, where it exerts its transformative effects.

The regulatory impact of gold on the human immune system has been extensively studied and documented by researchers. In the context of GOLDIC®, this unique treatment initiates a cascade of positive responses. Upon injection, it serves to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in the affected area. What follows is a sequence of repair and regeneration of damaged tissue, crucial for addressing the challenges posed by end-stage osteoarthritis and severe resistant tendinitis.

GOLDIC® treatment stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with these debilitating conditions. Its innovative approach not only leverages the regenerative potential of stem cells but also harnesses the immunomodulatory properties of gold. This amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and well-established principles in rheumatology positions GOLDIC® as a transformative solution in the landscape of regenerative medicine.

As GOLDIC® gains recognition for its efficacy, its adoption in the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond marks a significant advancement in the field of regenerative therapies. The therapy’s ability to address the complex nature of end-stage osteoarthritis and severe resistant tendinitis underscores its potential to redefine the standards of care. GOLDIC® injection therapy emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking advanced, evidence-based solutions for their orthopedic challenges.

Conditions treated with Goldic Injections



Wound Healing

Muscles Injuries

The Benefits of GOLDIC ®

GOLDIC® stands for Gold Induced Cytokines – Proteins that regulate the growth and differentiation of cells are upregulated by the technology to multiple concentrations One of the key cytokines is called Gelsolin. This multifunctional protein is an actin scavenger. It has been recognised as a potential biomarker of inflammatory-associated medical conditions, allowing for the prediction of illness severity, recovery, efficacy of treatment and clinical outcome. It also plays an important role in the differentiation of stem cells into treated tissues.

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