How Goldic Treatment Works for Osteoarthritis


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March 31, 2022

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You may own some gold jewellery or accessories, but have you ever considered gold as a therapeutic treatment? When administered properly, it may be useful for reducing the pain and other symptoms in conditions like osteoarthritis.

Injections of Gold

If you have heard of the growing popularity of the Goldic treatment for osteoarthritis, you might be wondering what it is. The truth may sound like a meeting of science fiction and fantasy, but it actually has a basis in clinical fact.

Since the 1920s, gold injections have been used to combat numerous illnesses that cause inflammation or pain. That’s right – injections of gold into the human body!

This treatment fell out of favour in the 1980s due to other, newer technologies and techniques becoming available. However, recent developments have made gold a useful reality once again.

How Does Gold Benefit the Body?

Why would someone inject gold into their body?

The primary reason is the reduction of inflammation. Scientific studies have shown that proper administration of blood preparation with gold can reduce the symptoms in conditions like arthritis. It can also reduce pain and stiffness associated with these conditions.

But why does this work? How can it be scientifically proven that these approaches are worth undergoing?

Gold has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It can also impair the action of inflammatory enzymes in the body, as well as positively impact mitochondrial activity. This can reduce pain and swelling and induce natural healing in the tissues where it is injected.

The Advent of the Goldic Treatment

The gold injections used in the past of decades past were essentially just that – injections of gold.

The Goldic treatment is named for this science. It contains proprietary gold-particle-induced cytokines. These particles of gold are smaller – and are also only part of the revolutionary formula.

The injections are also made from the patient’s own blood. This blood offers the natural healing factors and building blocks of healthy tissues which will comprise the majority of the finished serum.

How is the Goldic Injection treatment delivered?

First, a patient will consult with the provider to make a treatment plan. On the day before their treatment, they will have their blood taken.

This blood is put into tubes that contain sterile gold particles. Once there, the mixture is safely incubated for 24 hours.

Once this has been given adequate time to infuse properly, the entire mixture is put through a centrifuge machine. This separates the mixture down into its components – including platelets, plasma, and blood cells.

This centrifugal processing is how the pure, finished serum is derived. Once that serum is created, it is injected directly into the affected areas on the day of treatment. This may be the joints e.g. knee, the wrist, or even directly into the spine.

Once the injection is given, it will reduce pain, swelling, and overall inflammation. At the same time, the serum will induce the body’s natural healing processes, helping these tissues to be rebuilt and restored to better health and strength.

It is important to remember that gold injections are not appropriate for everyone. Consult with your arthritis specialist to find out more about the Goldic approach – and whether these treatments are right for you!

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