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You are one step away from joint pain consultation with world-leading joint osteoarthritis regenerative health experts specialising in knee joint pain and joint degeneration conditions.

Our Joint Care

At Regenesiss, we specialise in successfully treating osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and other degenerative joint pain conditions related to knee joint osteoarthritis and shoulder pains.

Our regenerative medicine scientists & orthopaedic consultants are skilled practitioners in the application of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy to manage knee joint pain and shoulder pain conditions. These regenerative cells in osteoarthritis and sports injuries have been curated by our specialist team to make the science, application and regenerative care understandable.

Joint pain relief

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Julian Kennedy shares his personal journey of how opting for biological regenerative cells to treat his osteoarthritis helped him get back into sports and fitness activities.

Your Joint Pain Consultation

Your 1 hour joint care and regenerative therapy consultation includes:

Assessment & advice from world leading experts in treating & managing joint conditions

Includes access to leading Orthopaedic Experts

Includes access to leading Regenerative Medicine Scientists

Discount on biological age testing services

Discount on our unique patient-specific regenerative combination therapy, which has been specially designed to improve the health and condition of your osteoarthritic joints.

Discount on all our regenerative cellular treatments

Express service – get booked in the same week *subject to availability